October 10th, 2011

Deepwater Dreaming: SA iron ore stymied by glacial port progress

South Australia is chock full of minerals. Iron ore is amongst the most bountiful. But for as long as there is no deepwater port, the question remains over whether the state can capitalise on the commodity’s boom before it goes bust. Mike Foley reports.

Rendering of the floating harbour being developed by Sea Transport Corp and IronClad.

If as many dollars had been spent on developing South Australia’s infrastructure as words printed decrying its lack, there’s every chance the state’s claims to becoming Australia’s next major iron ore province would have already been realised.

Explorers and miners alike need the certainty of ready access to export facilities before they stump up to begin production. But where does the money for construction come from if there are no exports?

Currently, there is no answer. South Australia is a perfect example of the chicken and egg scenario confronting prospective mining regions.

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